Miller High Basketball Team,c.1904

There's no Bonnie and Clyde around here.

(...I think he's
from their side of the family)
Who let the kids out of the corral?

Ma, if we'd built this house in Palo Alto, Ca it would be worth 5.9 million dollars now.

Maybe next year we can afford the gasoline to get all the way to DisneyLand.

Grandma & Grandpa Parsons, c. 1930
The Parsons, c. 1915. back,L-R: George, Beulah, Elmer;front,L-R: Ward, Grandpa, Grandma, Robert

Beulah, Uncle Ernest, Aunt Lula, 1962 Family Reunion, Miller
Confess, or you'll spend your remaining days in Miller, South Dakota!!